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We specialize in creating and maintaining beautiful and healthy statement-piece aquariums. We like to consider it "Living Art".

After designing many of our own tanks of every style and size over the years we wanted to take this passion further and offer our knowledge and love for this hobby to you!

We believe that aquariums not only add beauty to any space but also provide a sense of zen and relaxation.

According to everything from pet-owner anecdotal surveys, to published studies, being around fish and observing them in an aquarium significantly reduces stress. Whether in a home or work environment, this provides many benefits.

They also provide a great reason for customers to want to visit your business. We have had many testimonials of customers and their kids wanting to go to the businesses that have the fish tank they can observe. 

If you have a waiting room of any kind, this would greatly improve the patience of waiting customers.  

Anyone who sees your new tank will be captivated and want to watch it for hours!


Meet The Team

Gunnar Barbee


I have been deeply involved in the aquarium hobby for 6 years but have grown up having family fish tanks my whole life. I was gifted my first tank, an older already established 55-gallon aquarium, and quickly realized I had a deep passion for it as I was immersed in learning everything about it and how to keep it beautiful and healthy. I completely turned that tank around from fake plants and colorful rocks to a natural-looking aquascape. (The tank is still in the family)

Shortly after getting the hang of that one I was building my first custom 125-gallon for my fast-growing cichlids. I have since dived head-first into saltwater reef tanks and have made many custom saltwater tanks over the last 3 years. I love both freshwater and saltwater tanks, there are endless possibilities for both. 

I have an entrepreneurial background starting multiple businesses over the years and I wanted to create a business where I could extend my knowledge and passion of this hobby to others who are interested in having a beautiful aquarium but may not have the time or knowledge to maintain or set one up themselves. Plus my wife may not be happy if I keep setting up more aquariums in our house.  :)

I look forward to working with each and every one of my clients and setting up beautiful statement-piece aquariums in homes and offices for many years to come! 


Dylan Geraets

Owner of The Fish Keeper, LLC


"To know Mother Nature is to love her smallest creations"
-Takashi Amano

Ever since I was young I had a profound interest in all things aquatic. I spent a large part of my childhood fishing with my grandfather and that is where the passion began.
I wanted to see all of the different fish from big to small. The excitement of catching a fish not yet discovered by my younger self was similar to finding gold. As I got older I began reading every book on fish that was available in the school
library. One day I discovered a book about the hobby of fishkeeping and it was game on from there. Throughout the years I began consuming any piece of information available via book or web on the topic of aquarium keeping. If you are like me then you know that is similar to opening Pandora's Box! I discovered the work of Takashi Amano & and the nature aquarium method. This was a "lightbulb" moment for me as I had been researching different aquatic habitats for quite some time.
By age 14 I had set up many nature aquariums and began successfully keeping/breeding aquarium fish from all over the world. As of today I have kept, bred, & and raised the fry of over 100 different fish species. In the last decade, I have had the pleasure of creating/maintaining aquariums from 1g cubes up to 1000+ gallon systems for public aquariums. The health of the tank & and its inhabitants is our #1 priority when it comes to creating an underwater ecosystem. When done correctly some fish species have proved to outlive their wild relatives due to human activity such as pollution, damming of waterways, and
poaching/overfishing. This is a large part of why I keep and breed ornamental fish as species are becoming extinct at a rapid pace. My goal is to continue the education and preservation of ornamental fish species one aquarium at a time.

With many display tanks in my home, I have a front row ticket to the beauty that is rarely seen by most. I consider my displays to be a form of "living art" much like a nice painting or piece of furniture except this one contains an interactive underwater world that anyone can enjoy. Most people understand the mental benefits of aquariums but don't want to deal with the hassle of keeping an aquarium. That is where we come in, leave the hassle to us and enjoy the peace and tranquility of a thriving aquarium in your home or office space.

I can't wait to see what we create for you.

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