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Here is a basic breakdown of our services.  Pricing is determined on a tank-by-tank basis as every tank and space has its own unique needs.

We will give a custom estimate after a free consultation!


​These prices will vary depending on equipment needed and if you already have it or we will be providing it.

Price tiers follow these tank sizes:

  • 0-100 gal

  • 101-200 gal

  • 201-500 gal

  • 500+ gal


Here we offer multiple  service structures.

  • Single Service

  • Tank Sitting Service

  • Weekly/Monthly Reoccurring Services

Price tiers follow these tank sizes:

  • 0-55 gal

  • 56 - 125 gal 

  • 125+ gal

Custom Screen Lids

Contact Us For A Free Quote


Fresh RODI & Saltwater

RODI Water: 1:25/Gal

Saltwater: $2.00/Gal


Project by Project Basis.

  • Tank Re-Seal

  • Tank Re-Scape

  • Re-Plumb System

  • Re-Do Sump Setup

  • Re-Do Filtration Setup

  • Stand Refurbish

  • & More


​Relocation is double setup because it is double the work plus moving costs


0-55 gal is FREE

55+ gal removal: Quote

Price tiers follow these tank sizes:

  • 0-100 gal

  • 101-250 gal

  • 251+ Quote

Our Commitment To You

We’re committed to bringing you the love and attention your aquarium deserves. We pride ourselves on providing comprehensive services, from specialized care to complete setups. Our mission is to provide you with the best possible aquarium care and knowledge, so you can focus on enjoying the beauty and wonder of your aquatic environment.

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